Goldilocks is Innocent!

Dec 06, 2019

reviewed by Abigail Griffiths (Grade 10)

On November 29th and 30th, the TIS Secondary Players performed Once Upon A Crime by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus.  A mix of parents, students, and teachers came out to support the cast and crew on both evenings. The audience was excited as they found their seats as the play opened in a courtroom scene with Thumbelina as the Prosecutor accusing Goldilocks of breaking and entering into the Three Bears' house and stealing their porridge. Henny Penny was a hilarious defence attorney trying to prove Goldilocks innocent. Throughout the play, we saw different fairytale characters, such as The Three Bears; Hansel, Gretal; The Cow who jumped over the moon; Jack; Little Riding Hood; The Big Bad Wolf; and Granny, all take the witness stand giving their version of the story. Probably due to the ineffective oath reading performed by the Bailiff who kept yelling “TELL THE TRUTH!”, much to the comedic delight of the audience, all the witnesses were found to be lying. In view of all the lies, the Judge ruled Goldilocks as innocent. 

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