Christmas is the Season for Giving and Sharing

Dec 05, 2019

A beautiful Giving Tree has been decorated in the front foyer of TIS. On the tree, you will find many Christmas tags with the age and gender of a needy child in Macau. They live in orphanages, children’s shelters or attend special boarding schools in our community. The idea is for TIS students and parents to pick a tag, buy a suitable gift, wrap it and place it under the Giving Tree before Monday, December 16. Student and teachers from the Leadership Team will then deliver the gifts to the institutions in time for Christmas. The children who receive these gifts are from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds and many would not receive any presents otherwise. All of us at TIS can really help to make their Christmas truly merry.


若  閣下希望為以上的孩子送上節日祝福,溫暖他們的心,請按卡片上的資料購買禮物,並在12月16日或之前,將禮物放在樹下。本校的「學生領袖組織」成員集齊禮物後,會親自將禮物送到各個機構,為兒童在這普天同慶的日子送上温暖。

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