Expressing Ideas as Visual Artists | Year 1 IB Art “5 in 5” Exhibition

Feb 02, 2023

Featuring the works of 19 IB Art students (our largest class yet!), the exhibition on display stems from the “5 in 5 unit” where students create five different artworks in five(-ish) weeks. 

First-year IB Art students embark on intense and fast-paced “art boot camp” designed to “build foundational art and research skills for students, by introducing them to the rigours of art-making in a safe learning environment” (Art Teacher Ms. Campre). During their IB Art course, the teacher becomes a guide and advisor to help students grow into autonomous artists, discussing their concerns and techniques while allowing them to become responsible in determining their own art direction.


Students develop their perspectives and make independent judgments to support the purposes of the artwork via the research of various materials, methods, techniques, artists, art forms, and genres. Students even collaborated with the high school Robotics class to create  an artwork incorporating robotic elements.

The result is an impressive oeuvre of art from these young artists, with each exhibit individually unique. In addition, each piece features the students’ curatorial rationale explaining their choices and decision making to support the intentions of the artwork and how their work is presented.

_0JC1619.jpg _0JC1614.jpg _0JC1615.jpg _0JC1591.jpg _0JC1584.jpg _0JC1578.jpg _0JC1561.jpg _0JC1558.jpg _0JC1639.jpg _0JC1644.jpg _0JC1637.jpg _0JC1631.jpg _0JC1635.jpg _0JC1624.jpg _0JC1597.jpg

This achievement required a significant amount of effort. Each student's showcased artwork reflects their autonomous thought, study, investigation, and profound, meaningful self-reflection.

Their creations demonstrate their creativity, hard-work and ability to reflect and make  independent decisions as part of developing their growth as artists. We welcome you to attend the show to not only recognize their talent, but also experience exquisite artwork.

_0JC1705.jpg _0JC1701.jpg _0JC1689.jpg _0JC1686.jpg _0JC1682.jpg _0JC1684.jpg _0JC1679.jpg _0JC1664.jpg _0JC1663.jpg _0JC1659-(1).jpg _0JC1658.jpg _0JC1650.jpg

If you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes of the 5 in 5 unit or to check out more student work, please feel free to follow the School’s Visual Arts/IB Visual Arts Instagram account @TIS_visualarts. Thank you for being supportive of our young up and coming artists!

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