Congratulations Class of 2021!

Jun 03, 2021

The Class of 2021 celebrated the end of the school year with a special graduation ceremony and reception on Saturday, May 29th at the JW Marriott Hotel where they received their high school diplomas in front of teachers, family members and guests. The event was attended by the TIS Leadership Team, members of the DSEDJ and other dignitaries. Acting Consul General of The Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong & Macao, Patricia Elliott, delivered a pre-recorded video message to the audience.

The award winners were:

Governor General's Award: Jason Liu
The Governor General’s Academic Medal was established in 1873 to encourage academic excellence across the country. It is awarded to the student who is graduating from a Canadian high school with the highest average through grades 11 and 12. 

The Patrick Mitchell Community Citizenship Award: Jerry Chao
The Patrick Mitchell Community Citizenship Award, presented in honour of TIS' first principal, is awarded to a well-rounded student who demonstrates academic achievement as well as extracurricular participation. 

Neil P. Johnston Fine Arts Award: Luning Liu
The Neil P. Johnston Fine Arts Award is given in honour of Neil Johnston, one of the founders of TIS, a long time educator, and a strong supporter of the arts. 

DSEDJ Lotus Awards for Academic Excellence: Natalie Au and Jason Liu
The Lotus Awards for Academic Excellence are awarded by the DSEDJ on behalf of the Macau Government to the female and male students who have maintained the highest grade point averages for grades 10, 11 and 12.

DSEJ Premio Li Bai Award: Melantha Pun
The Premio Li Bai award is presented by the DSEJ on behalf of the Macau government to the top student of Chinese Language and Culture.

The Spirit of Canada Award: Nicole Iun
The Spirit of Canada Award winner does not only hold his or her academic career in high regard, and has a well-rounded school life, but believes in balance.  This balance can be achieved in many ways, such as being an active participant in various extracurricular activities in and outside of school.  Furthermore, the award recipient shows leadership in the school community and works well in an international and multicultural community.

Valedictorian: Jerry Chao
The valedictory allows a representative of the graduating class to bid a final farewell to the students and to the school, as the graduates prepare to disperse and to begin the next phase of their lives

Many thanks to Amy Xu and Nicole Alves Cordeiro who were wonderful graduation ceremony MC's.

The 56 students which make up the Class of 2021 have received offers from over 75 different universities in 10 different countries. Students applied to more universities in Asia this year than ever before. 18 students took advantage of Principal’s Recommendation Schemes to gain entrance to universities in mainland China and Macau, including 6 students who received offers from MUST’s western medicine program (MBBS). 

This year, 8 students tackled the full IB Diploma Programme and 11 more attempted some courses.  We are proud that 60% of the graduating class has received offers from their first choice university already. Over 25% of the class has received offers from universities in the QS World University Rankings top 50 schools. So far, the Class of 2021 has been given scholarship offers of more than 1.3 million MOP, including the International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES) from UBC. They have received offers from schools such as University College London (UCL), King’s College London, University of Toronto, UBC, University of Sydney, University of California Davis, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021. We are proud of you!

Neil-P-Johnston-Fine-Arts-Award---Luning-Liu.jpg Patrick-Mitchell-Community-Citizenship-Award---Jerry-Chao.jpg Spirit-of-Canada-Award---Nicole-Iun-(2).jpg TIS-Pioneer-Certificates.jpg DSEDJ-Lotus-Award-for-Academic-Excellence---Jason-Liu-(2).jpg DSEDJ-Lotus-Award-for-Academic-Excellence---Natalie-Au.jpg DSEDJ-Premio-Li-Bai---Melantha-Pun-(2).jpg Govenor-General's-Academic-Award---Jason-Liu-(2).jpg 20210529_TIS-Graduaation_TIS-Grad-2021-164.jpg 20210529_TIS-Graduaation_TIS-Grad-2021-183.jpg 20210529_TIS-Graduaation_TIS-Grad-2021-170-1622702045.jpg 20210529_TIS-Graduaation_TIS-Grad-2021-184-1622702075.jpg

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