One Day - Three Events!

May 28, 2021

Thursday was a whirlwind of activity at TIS with three school events taking place over the course of the day.

First up at 9 am was Kindergarten Coffee Chat in the Learning Lab where PK Teacher Nick Chignall spoke on the topic “Fathering in Early Childhood Education”. Mr Chignall provided valuable insight into the importance of fathering in the development of children and how father involvement affects both mental outcomes and educational outcomes.

Fathering in Early Childhood Education

Our second event of the day was the Spring Concert at MUST Auditorium. Under the guidance of Music Teacher Iris Chu, Middle and High School students showcased their musical talents and impressed the audience with their repertoire of songs.

1JC_0544.jpg 1JC_0546.jpg 1JC_0532.jpg 1JC_0554.jpg 1JC_0562.jpg 1JC_0579.jpg 1JC_0613.jpg 1JC_0600.jpg 1JC_0595-1622174797.jpg 1JC_0565-1622174862.jpg 1JC_0649-1622182221.jpg 1JC_0668-1622182257.jpg

And finally, the TIS community came together last night to enjoy an evening of art, musical performances, wine and cheese at the annual Arts Night held in the MPR. The event is dedicated to highlighting the amazing art activities at the school and featured creations from all students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

1JC_0844.jpg 1JC_0839.jpg 1JC_0802.jpg 1JC_0778.jpg 1JC_0813.jpg 1JC_0770.jpg 1JC_0716.jpg 1JC_0741.jpg 1JC_0708.jpg 1JC_0692.jpg 1JC_0673.jpg Screenshot-2021-05-28-at-2.15.19-PM.png
1JC_0945.jpg 1JC_0899.jpg 1JC_0897.jpg 1JC_0907.jpg 1JC_0864.jpg 1JC_0885.jpg 1JC_0895.jpg 1JC_0963.jpg 1JC_0876.jpg 1JC_0845.jpg 1JC_0832.jpg Screenshot-2021-05-28-at-2.14.58-PM.png

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