Collaborative Team Teaching

Nov 20, 2017

By Mary-Anne Jasinski

What does collaborative team teaching look like?

The important elements of team teaching are shared planning, organization, delivery, assessment and physical space. The most important element is shared students.

The way it looks changes throughout a day and from one day to the next. Possibilities include:

 What are the benefits of collaborative team teaching?

Why do we have collaborative team teaching at TIS?

At TIS we chose to be leaders in innovative educational practices. Our focus is on student learning and we make changes and seek to improve our practice in ways that support student learning. Team teaching arrangements allow for increased opportunities for knowledge and skill exchanges between students and teachers. They expose children to a wider range of classroom opportunities and for young students they make it easier to support the development of priming skills that get children ready for reading including flexibility, communication, attending behaviors and memory strategies.

TIS is an inclusive learning community in which students in each grade level demonstrate diverse language and learning needs. Collaborative team teaching is just one way in which we adjust our teaching to meet the needs of our learners.

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