Inclusive Education: Growing From Weakness To Strength

The Japanese art of “Kintsukuroi” or “Kintsugi” conveys an interesting philosophy that inspires me for our students at TIS and more specifically, for our inclusive students.

“Kintsugi” is the art of restoring broken pottery by filling the cracks with gold. It is an invitation to embrace the imperfections instead of disguising them, turning them into something more beautiful than the original. It emphasises the beauty of what was once broken yet reveals the incredible result of creativity.

Our Grade 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to participate in Experience Week in the month of November. This involves a few days in another country to explore a new culture, try new activities, take risks, and to be independent and responsible. These trips are wonderful occasions for the teachers to see their students in a new light. Most importantly, it is a valuable and challenging experience for the students. However for some students and parents, these trips might raise some concerns or questions: “How will my child manage all of the changes? Can they join such a trip?”

Indeed for some students with special needs it is a vital question to consider, but TIS views it as an opportunity to embrace the challenges of the adventures, the new experiences, and great opportunities to develop independence. What seemed difficult or almost impossible becomes reality. Like gold, dedication, confidence and care allow these students to enjoy an unforgettable adventure. The emotions of the families and the happiness and pride of our students when they successfully overcome their fear and challenges.

The dedication of the teachers, the trust of the parents and the incredible effort of the students who have pushed themselves ensure that even when something is tough, they can grow and become stronger. Their courage and victory are real inspirations for our TIS community.

Thank you for inspiring us to continue to be creative and grow from weakness to strength!

Welcome back to Grade 6 and good luck to the Grade 5 students!

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