Clarification About Orientation Days

Aug 19, 2020

August 20, 2020

Dear TIS Families,

Please note the following important clarifications regarding orientation days for Grades 1-12 on 28th & 31st August and Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Interviews (31 August - 2 September). Please note times have been amended in some cases to previous notifications:


Grade 7-11 Orientation for new students to TIS (08:30- 12:30)

LOCATION: Learning Lab (RM2000, 2nd Floor, South Wing)

Grade 1-12 Classroom visit time for new and returning students (13:30 - 15:00)

NEW & EXISTING parents and students are encouraged to visit our school at any time within these hours to meet their homeroom teacher and learn about classroom routines and expectations. There is no need to wear the school uniform. Class lists will be posted in various locations around the school or existing families can check Gibbon from 8am on the morning of the 28th August.


Orientation activities begin/end at the normal school start/end times for grades 1-12. Uniforms are optional on this day only.

Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Interviews (AUG 31-SEPT 2)

We are still awaiting confirmation from the DSEJ as to whether Kindergarten can resume. As soon as this is clarified, we will issue another communication. 

The PK-SK Meet the Teacher (One to One) Interview Days (Aug 31-Sept 1) will go ahead even if the DSEJ doesn't allow the resumption of classes. 

SK Meet the Teacher Interviews will be held August 31 and September 1.

PK/JK Meet the Teacher Interviews will be held August 31, September 1st and 2nd. 

PK/JK families will learn about staggered entry times for September 3rd - 8th during these interviews.

During your scheduled interview time you and your child will also learn about classroom routines and expectations, as well as our family friendly program should the DSEJ not agree to resume Kindergarten classes. Your child’s homeroom teacher will try to contact you by phone between August 26-28 to schedule a suitable time.

If you haven’t heard from the school by 28th August, please contact the school at +853 2853 3700 or email

We look forward to welcoming your child back to TIS!



請注意以下重要說明,有關8月28日和31日的小一至高三年級入學日以及幼兒園家長與老師見面會(8月31日至9月1日), 並請注意更新後的時間安排


初一至高二   新生入學指導08:30- 12:30

地點:學習實驗室 (南翼二樓 2000室)

小一至高三   新生和舊生與班主任會面13:30-15:00









如果您在8月28日之前還沒有收到班主任的通知,請通過+85328533700或發送電子郵件至 與學校聯繫。


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