Celebrating Graduating Student Volunteers

Jul 30, 2021

The end of a school year usually marks the transition when students move from one grade year to the next. For graduating seniors, it’s not only a time for celebrating achievements but also for farewells as they take the next step towards their future endeavours outside of TIS.

On July 8, the TIS volunteer team organized a symbolic event to honor their members by saying goodbye to graduating volunteers, transitioning the senior executive roles to returning members, and welcoming new executives for the coming school year.  

The team celebrated their graduating members Kellie, Jerry, Norah, Meagan, Nicole and welcomed Whitney, Mendy, Valeria, Koni and Natasha as new executives.  Kelvin, NgoLaam and Chloe will continue with their executive roles.

Led by the counselors, the volunteer team celebrated their efforts throughout the year by playing games promoting teamwork and communication.  The evening finished off with a BBQ dinner where members bonded over shared food and conversation.

The TIS volunteer team offers valuable character-building opportunities for students to boost their philanthropic and problem solving abilities.  Volunteers demonstrate servant leadership by helping others in need in their Macau community.  Some projects that volunteers have been involved in include dog walking at Masdaw, participating in Caritas events like their Kindergarten ceremony and the Caritas Bazaar, rooftop planting at TIS, and assisting the elderly via Junior Chamber International.

If you or your student is interested in being part of the TIS volunteer team, please contact Judas Leong at judas.leong@tis.edu.mo.

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