Celebrating Success and Inspiring the Next Generation

Jun 11, 2023

The International School of Macao (TIS) hosted the second annual Alumni Awards in the school library, on the afternoon of June 8, 2023. A well attended event, including DSEDJ Head of Department of Non-tertiary Education, Mr. Luis Gomes, the Philippine Consulate General, Mr. Porfirio M. Mayo Jr., the Angolan Consulate General, Mr. Eduardo Velasco Galiano, the Mozambican Consulate General, Mr. Rafael Custódio, and distinguished guests from Wynn Palace and Chamber of Commerce from across the world, TIS Board of Governors, Dr. KL Tong, and TIS School Supervisor, Dr. Howard Stribbell, as well as the School’s leadership team, parents and teachers. 

TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-7-1686708037.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-8-1686708041.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-9-1686708044.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-10-1686708049.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-2-1686708024.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-6-1686708033.jpg

TIS has a rich history of cultivating graduates who have gone on to achieve great success in various fields. Last year, the School established the first Alumni Awards, in order to celebrate the outstanding achievements of TIS alumni. The event provides an opportunity to showcase the exceptional talents and celebrate the contributions its graduates make worldwide.

TIS Alumni Award Winner - Angelica Bull

This year’s first award recipient is alumna Angelica Bull, the first TIS graduate to become a veterinarian. Angelica’s passion for animals and her dedication to their welfare, combined with her remarkable skills have made her the perfect candidate for this award.

TIS Alumni Award Winner - Edward Tan

The second recipient is alumnus Edward Tan, the first TIS graduate to pursue medicine straight from high school. Edward’s outstanding achievements in his academic life and the medical field aren’t the only source of his recognition. During his residency in Shanghai in 2021, Edward was an essential worker at the front lines of the global pandemic. His extraordinary bravery and contributions to society are the embodiment of TIS’s values of service to the community and commitment to the betterment of the world.

In his speech, Dr. Stribbell, spoke of TIS alumni that have become trailblazers and who dedicate their talents into making meaningful contributions in their chosen fields. They now become sources of inspiration for current students, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to carve their own path in the world, and strive in their chosen pursuits. He further spoke of the night’s award recipients, Dr. Angelica Bull and Dr. Edward Tan, and how they are inspiring examples of the excellence that TIS strives to instill in its students every day.

TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-11-1686707863.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-3-1686707879.jpg TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-4-1686708155.JPG TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-5-1686708194.JPG TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-13-1686707876.JPG TIS-Alumni-Awards-2023-12-1686707870.jpg

TIS is proud of its alumni and their exceptional achievements in their chosen endeavours. By hosting these annual commemorations, TIS hopes to inspire current and future students to pursue their passions, achieving excellence and making positive contributions to the global community. 

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