TIS Teacher Achieves Milestone in Writing of First Book

Mar 29, 2021

Ms Doina Tonner, Head of the English Department at TIS, will be celebrating the release of her debut book I.Undone at a special book launch and reception on Thursday, April 1st from 4:30-6:000 pm in the Secondary Library.

Ms Tonner’s book is a self reflection of her personal journey to discovering her creativity and includes her own mixed-media artwork and photography. I. Undone is currently #2 on Amazon.ca's list of new releases in Mixed Media books. 

“I wrote the book at a point in my life when it became a necessity for me to acknowledge my creative side, when it was more difficult to suppress the need to create than to feel unsure about the outcome. I used to think that as soon as I pressed "submit" and sent the file off to be published, I would finally feel like a writer and an artist. In truth, whenever I get messages from readers who have never met me, but who feel a deep connection with my words and art, my first thought is, "Do you really mean it?" It feels surreal, somehow," said Tonner.

Ms Tonner has been a teacher at TIS for the past fourteen years and shares her love of literature and writing with her students. A limited number of copies of the book will be available for purchase, both in softcover and hardback.

The TIS community is invited to attend the book launch; please scan the QR code to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you there!


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