Taking Care of Business Over the Summer

Aug 30, 2019

While students and teachers were away enjoying a well earned summer break, our Facilities Team has been busy with renovation and improvement projects around the campus. Changes include expansion of the Gym and PE/Dancing Studio, and conversion of the 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms to changing rooms. The tables in the outdoor lunch area have been replaced, alongside an upgraded football field for students to play during recess. Other improvements consist of freshly painted walls, replacement of doors and wall panelling, additional lighting, new furniture and signage which not only improves the overall look of the school but also enhances the learning environment for our students, staff and families.

4976-IMG_2071.jpg 6331-IMG_2050.jpg d679-IMG_2079.jpg 4917-IMG_2074.jpg 34e9-IMG_2073.jpg e3a5-IMG_2062.jpg 250f-IMG_2058.jpg f815-IMG_2054.jpg c99e-IMG_2053.jpg

Written and Photos by Owen Littley, Communications Intern

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