Spring Break Rescheduled to March 2 - 6

Feb 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to work through this very difficult coronavirus situation. As time passes, and with uncertainty about when classes will officially resume in Macau, we have to adapt and make changes as best we can. The planning is a collaborative effort between administration, management, and the Board of Directors. It is very difficult to navigate this situation, so we have to prioritize by looking at what is best for the students, staff, and school programming.

We know that these changes will impact your plans and we ask for your understanding and cooperation. Everyone's circumstances are different, ranging from being somewhere in the world to having been in Macau for the whole time. So much consideration and thought has gone into this planning, thinking about the scenarios from multiple perspectives and even with this plan, things are subject to change as the global situation changes and impacts us locally in Macau.

A significant change for everyone is that the Spring Break will be moved from the end of March, to next week, March 2nd to 6th. All teachers and students will take a break from online learning for the week.

I would like to share with you the rationale for the spring break adjustment:

We have designed a plan to accommodate for the interruption to the school year and I will share more information with parents in the next communication, as the situation continues to evolve.

We greatly appreciate the support and understanding of our parent community.




學校方面深知臨時變化或會影響 閣下原定之計劃,但我們懇請您理解和配合。我們明白無論是身處世界任何一個地方或是居住在澳門的人,目前都處於不同的狀況。然而,這個決定經過深思熟慮,是從多個角度去思考不同旳可能性後所得出的。但儘管目前有了這項變更,但事實上事情也會隨著全球形勢的變化而變化,然後直接影響澳門本土。




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