One School-Two Diplomas : How the TIS High School Program prepares Students for University

Sep 15, 2020

At TIS, we believe that a student who is encouraged and motivated to view learning as a lifelong and exciting process will be equipped to meet the future educational challenges they will face, make a living for themselves and make a difference to others.

All students who attend TIS are enrolled in the Alberta High School Diploma programme with the option to also enrol in the IB Diploma Program or study selected IB courses.

In the fourth and final installment of our curriculum series, Head of School Howard Stribbell chats to Secondary Principal Lorne Schmidt and High School Vice Principal Martin Brown about how TIS prepares students for university and life beyond school. TIS offers a wide variety of subjects allowing students to tailor the program to their areas of interest and/or university aspirations.

A chat with Mr Schmidt and Mr Brown about how TIS prepares students for university and beyond.

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