A Year of Triumph And Teamwork

Jun 06, 2024

Our annual Athletic Banquet brought together the TIS community to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our student-athletes over the past year. This much-anticipated event marked the culmination of another exhilarating sports season, filled with hard-fought victories, personal bests, and unforgettable moments. 

Over the course of the academic year, our young athletes embodied the very essence of sportsmanship and excellence. Whether on the court, the field, or in the classroom, they demonstrated courage, resilience, and unwavering determination. As they became close with their teammates, they learned to put aside their differences to come together as a strong, united team that led our school to so many victories. 


Some of the highlights of this year include PRC High School Basketball, both boys and girls teams crowned champions, ACAMIS Basketball, both boys and girls teams taking home the 2nd place, SCISAC Middle School Volleyball, girls team coming in 2nd place and boys team in 6th place, DSEDJ Division D Tennis Girl Champion Albee (Grade 6), PRC High School Soccer, both boys and girls teams placing 1st, ACAMIS Soccer, boys team coming in 1st and girls team coming in 2nd. eSports Team winning the FUSE Cup Just Dance 2024 Asia Championship for the 3rd consecutive year, qualifying them for the World Championships in June! 

After hearing from the heads of the athletic department, the results for the the Athlete of the Year award in each of the categories were as follows: 

Elementary Male               Jasper So

Elementary Female           Albee Kuong

Junior Male                        Lukas Sanders

Junior Female                    Belinda Huang

Senior Male                        Vidad Simões 

Senior Female                    Nicole Lee

We are thankful to our coaches, who have worked hard to help and guide our athletes, allowing them to reach their full potential. To all the TIS Tigers, thank you for your dedication, good sportsmanship, and determination - you have made this a truly amazing year. 

TIS-Athletic-Banquet-2-1717643295.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-3-1717643297.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-4-1717643298.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-5-1717643303.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-10-1717643309.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-12-1717643310.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-13-1717643315.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-15-1717643317.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-17-1717643318.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-18-1717643320.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-21-1717643322.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-22-1717643328.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-23-1717643329.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-25-1717643331.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-26.jpg
TIS-Athletic-Banquet-27-1717643758.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-29-1717643760.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-31-1717645181.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-32-1717643769.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-35-1717643776.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-36-1717643783.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-39-1717643789.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-40-1717643795.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-43-1717643799.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-44-1717643801.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-46-1717643802.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-49-1717643804.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-50-1717643811.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-52-1717643812.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-53-1717643817.jpg
TIS-Athletic-Banquet-54-1717643861.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-55-1717643864.jpg TIS-Athletic-Banquet-41.jpg

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