3rd Annual TIS Math Competition | Celebrating Mathematical Excellence

Dec 14, 2023

The highly anticipated 3rd Annual TIS Math Competition is finally here! This year, to better accommodate the large number of students, the competition was divided into two separate dates: on November 29, 2003, students from Grade 4, 5 and 6 participated, while on February 5, 2024, students from Grade 2 and 3 partook in the competition.

Grade 4, 5 and 6

With over 60 participating students from grades 4, 5 and 6, the MPR 1 was filled with young Tigers eager to sharpen their analytical thinking, logical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills.

The competition provided an opportunity for enthusiastic students to compete for the chance to represent their school in the upcoming DSEDJ inter-school math competition. This meant that beyond the excitement, the event instilled a sense of responsibility among the participants, encouraging them to challenge themselves and strive for excellence in their mathematical abilities.

2023-11-29-10.jpg 2023-11-29-1702533284.jpg 2023-11-29-2.jpg 2023-11-29-8.jpg 2023-11-29-5.jpg

Congratulations to the following students who demonstrated their exceptional math skills in this year’s competition:



Grade 4

Miranda &Willy


Grade 5

Jun Jayden

Nirviana & Jacob

Grade 6


Austin & Elaine

2023-11-29-3.jpg 2023-11-29-7.jpg 2023-11-29-6.jpg 2023-11-29-9.jpg 2023-11-29-4.jpg

Grade 2 and 3

Empowering our students with mathematical education is crucial, especially in early grades, as it builds a strong foundation and enhances their numeracy skills, serving as a basis for more advanced concepts later on. With an impressive turnout of 80 students, we are proud of the outstanding display of hard work and dedication showcased throughout the competition.

TIS-Math-Competition-5.jpg TIS-Math-Competition-6.jpg TIS-Math-Competition-7.jpg TIS-Math-Competition-1.jpg TIS-Math-Competition-2.jpg 2024-03-19-2-1711503614.jpg

Congratulations to the following students who demonstrated their exceptional math skills in this year’s competition:



Grade 2


Kipper & Aiden

Grade 3


Dannie & Qianmo

Math competitions play an important role in developing students' mathematical skills. The ability to think critically and solve problems effectively are valuable techniques that extend beyond the realm of mathematics and have practical applications in everyday life.

TIS match competition is designed to foster healthy competition among participants, which in turn builds confidence. Successfully participating in math competitions and achieving commendable results can significantly boost students' self-assurance. This newfound confidence can inspire young children to perform better in school and excel in their future endeavors. It directly aligns with our School's mission of nurturing lifelong learners who are capable of making positive contributions to the world.

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