Experience Week 2024: A Journey of Growth, Adventure and Cultural Immersion

Mar 22, 2024

Experience Week holds immense importance in the educational journey of our students, as it is an integral part of their learning  journey. During this transformative week, students not only engage in exciting activities and adventures that foster their personal growth and development, but also gain a deep understanding of the global challenges we face and the actions required to address them. From Grade 4 to Grade 12, they fearlessly embrace the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the classroom walls. This year, we were thrilled to resume our international trips, visiting various destinations around the globe, such as China, Vietnam, Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy and South Africa!

Grade-4---10.jpg Grade-6---9.png Grade-5---5.jpeg Grade-7---8.jpeg Grade-8---5.jpeg Grade-9---1.jpeg High-School-2.jpeg High-School-35.jpeg High-School-38-1711084542.png

During the week, our students delved into ancient caves, marvelled at the stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites, gaining insights into the process of cave formation. They also conquered rock climbing challenges, defying gravity and pushing their limits to reach heights of 30 meters. These experiences nurtured their determination, resilience, and courage.

Encountering wildlife up close was another highlight of Experience Week. From observing sea turtles to interacting with orangutans, these experiences allow our students to witness firsthand the diversity of life on our planet. Through these encounters, our students grasp the significance of the conservation effort, serving as powerful reminders of the lessons they had learned about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of preserving nature and its inhabitants. 

Grade-8---10.jpeg High-School-36.jpeg High-School-32.jpeg Grade-7---13.jpeg Grade-5---1.jpeg High-School-26.jpeg Grade-9---4.jpeg Grade-6---38.png

Cultural immersion is a vital aspect of the Week, as our students visited cultural landmarks and engaged in enriching workshops. They learned different traditions and customs, explored cultural sites such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the Big Buddha Temple in Koh Samui, participated in workshops on traditional African instruments and Muay Thai martial arts, cultivating their open-mindedness and exposure to new cultures and different lifestyles.

Throughout TIS Experience Week, our students have the opportunity to demonstrate  incredible courage, care, responsibility, reflection, problem-solving, creativity, resilience, collaboration, principled behavior, and open-mindedness, the true traits of TIS Tigers! They embrace new challenges, expand their perspectives, and foster personal growth in a truly remarkable way. 

We are excited to see the positive impact that the lessons learned and newly acquired skills will have on their future endeavors!

Grade-4---18-1711085355.jpg Grade-6---33.png Grade-5---11.jpeg Grade-7---2.jpeg Grade-8---2.jpeg Grade-9---5.jpeg High-School-5.jpeg High-School-9.jpeg High-School-40.jpeg

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