Tiffany Ng, a proud alumna of TIS, has successfully completed her studies at the University of Bradford (Bachelor of Science (Hons) Occupational Therapy) and is now a valued member of the TIS staff. With a strong educational background and experience at our school, Tiffany brings a unique perspective and deep connection to our school.

As a former student and current staff member, Tiffany's journey has come full circle. She was honored with the Spirit of Canada award during her time at TIS. This prestigious award, presented annually by the Consul General of Canada, recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding contributions in serving others through participation, diligence, maturity, respect, and integrity. Tiffany's commitment to her career as an occupational therapist and her dedication to positively impacting lives reflect the values instilled in her during her time at TIS.

What motivated you to study occupational therapy?
My cousin, a Speech-Language Pathologist, initially introduced me to the field Occupational Therapy. However, a personal experience with a lower back injury truly ignited my passion. Experiencing the loss of independence first-hand drove me to pursue occupational therapy, where I can help others regain their independence and live meaningful lives.

What do you find most rewarding about your career?
Witnessing the positive changes I facilitate in the lives of my clients. Each individual is unique, requiring a personalised approach. Embracing constant, unpredictable change brings me great fulfilment. Learning to co-regulate with individuals deepens my self-awareness and empowers me to foster healthier relationships in everyday life.

You went from being a student to becoming a staff at TIS. What specific aspects of the school environment make it meaningful for you to work here?
Working at TIS holds great meaning for me due to the opportunity to engage with students across different grade levels and collaborate with staff and parents. 

Regular collaboration with my colleagues gives me a tremendous sense of job satisfaction, as it allows for effective communication and a shared commitment to supporting the students.

This collaborative environment is something I deeply appreciate and value.

How do you think your experience as a former student gives you a unique perspective and advantage in your current role?
As a former student, I believe I have a unique perspective that allows me to understand the educational values and principles of TIS. This perspective enables me to seamlessly blend my professional expertise with a deep-rooted connection to the School. I can empathise with the experiences of the students and provide a holistic approach to their needs.

Can you share any challenges or obstacles you’ve faced as a student, and how you overcame them?
As a student, I faced the challenge of managing a busy schedule with studying, ballet, and working as a ballet assistant, which meant sacrificing social events. However, through self-reflection and perseverance, I learned to prioritise my passions, embrace my individuality, and navigate my own path. Overcoming the mindset of comparing myself to others was a significant shift that allowed me to advocate for my own interests and focus on what truly mattered to me.

How has your education at TIS prepared you for a successful career as an occupational therapist? How do you think the education and support you received at TIS differentiate you from other occupational therapists?
The education I received has equipped me with essential skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and confidence in public speaking. Critical thinking has honed my ability to analyse situations, evaluate evidence, and make informed decisions, which is crucial when assessing my clients' occupational needs, developing effective intervention plans, and problem-solving. The emphasis on teamwork has taught me how to collaborate effectively with colleagues, professionals from different disciplines, and clients. The countless opportunities for presentations and public speaking have significantly boosted my confidence in communicating my ideas. These skills differentiate me in the field of occupational therapy.

Can you elaborate on your current personal project aimed at expanding your occupational therapy service and providing greater access to care for the community? 
I'm currently expanding my occupational therapy service to provide greater access to care for the community. My focus is on raising awareness about the importance of occupational therapy and its transformative impact on people’s lives, while also emphasising preventive care and early intervention. Despite the challenges that come with this expansion, I am excited about the opportunities it presents for my professional growth. My ultimate goal is to make a meaningful difference in people's lives and ensure equitable access to the support they need.

My affiliation with TIS has been instrumental in enhancing my reputation within the occupational therapy field. Through networking opportunities provided by the School, I have been able to connect with professionals outside of occupational therapy. These connections have not only expanded my professional network but also granted me access to various resources that support my pursuit of becoming a Sensory Integration practitioner.

Is there any advice you would like to give to current students or aspiring occupational therapists?
To current students, never stop learning, never stop moving. Take advantage of the resources and support available to you at TIS, and explore new interests and passions. Be open-minded, embrace new challenges. The whole universe surrenders when you stay in tune with yourself. 

Any personal or professional achievements you’d like to highlight?
I am a Mental Health First Aider :) I have recently met Kim Barthel, a renowned Occupational Therapist, and the co-author of Conversations with a Rattlesnake: Raw and Honest Reflections in Healing. This book deeply influences me with each read, evoking strong emotions and introspection. It serves as a constant source of inspiration, reminding me of my progress and the journey ahead. It has become a companion in my healing journey from past traumas, offering guidance and support. It inspires reflection on myself, loved ones, and clients, providing meaningful insights. I will always be thankful to those who tried or are trying to help, because "helping is healing”. 

What makes you proud to be a TIS alum?
I take pride in being part of a diverse community of students. TIS provided a rich and inclusive learning environment where I had the opportunity to interact with students from different cultures and backgrounds. This experience has broadened my perspectives and fostered cross-cultural understanding.

What word or phrase would you use to describe a TIS alumni?

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