I am thrilled to be the Early Childhood Education Coordinator and look forward to leading a wonderful team of Pre Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten educators. Previously, I have taught children from ages 2 to 6 as a classroom teacher, as a Kindergarten music and movement teacher and I have been a Team Leader/Curriculum leader involved heavily in curriculum development.  My Asia journey has lasted 19 years and counting, and I have been blessed to teach children from all over the world in Shanghai, Singapore, and Macao. My philosophy aligns closely with the TIS child-centred, play-based E.C.E. Program that allows children to undertake a project based educational journey. I look forward to supporting children to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically through a Reggio inspired approach. I am excited to get to know all of our lovely PK and JK students and families.

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