Hailing from the scenic mountains of the Philippines, I've embarked on an expansive and profound educational odyssey. With a Bachelor's degree from the summer capital of the Philippines and a Master's in International Education Administration from historic Massachusetts, my pedagogical tapestry has stretched over varied terrains: from Indonesia's verdant landscapes to Sudan's captivating stories, and now, the dynamic mosaic of Macao. As an integral part of the IB Educators Network, I've garnered invaluable insights from leading workshops and conducting school evaluation and authorization visits across various countries. Having held the PYP Coordinator role twice, I've adeptly maneuvered through the intricate pathways of the IB-PYP framework. At TIS Macao, I'm poised to integrate this wealth of expertise, collaborating closely with our school community for an exciting new chapter. Beyond academia, my heart finds rhythm in capturing nature's wonders and exploring ocean depths.

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