The Magic of Oliver Jr wows families in the Elementary Musical!

Apr 25, 2023

Last weekend, "Consider yourself" not in the Black Box Theatre at TIS but transported to the streets of Victorian England and into a grim workhouse, where the work is hard, and food is scarce. Through this scene, Oliver JR was brought to life by seventy-six enthusiastic Elementary students over three show-stopping performances.  

Before a spellbound audience of families and friends, the story follows Oliver, a poor boy, who is sold to the local undertaker for daring to ask for more food and ends up inLondon where he is taken in by a gang of young pickpockets led by the sneaky Fagin! Finding himself falsely accused of theft and rescued by Mr. Brownlow, Oliver is later kidnapped and returned to the gang and Fagin. What unfolds is a wild night of adventure and tragedy but triumph when Oliver is found to be the lost grandson of Mr. Brownlow. 

This is the fourteenth Production that Ms. Stribbell has directed over the years, and it was one of the very best. Each show went off without a hitch! The actors brought all they had to each performance, singing, dancing and outdoing themselves for each performance. 

Needless to say that everyone was enthralled by the talented performances and captivating story. The audience was delighted to see how these students had put together a remarkable show they could be proud of.

Rehearsals commenced in January of this year, so it was a heartwarming experience for all involved as the students' hard work and dedication came to fruition. Not only is it a fun production for students to be involved in, but the art of acting also helps students with creativity and imagination, problem-solving and persistence, plus immersing themselves in literacy.

Behind the scenes, Ms. Schmidt and her EAs assembled seventy-six Victorian costumes while Mr. Chignall created the scenery. Congratulations to Ms. Stribbell, Ms. Schmidt and Mr. Chignall for making a fabulous show our entire community can enjoy. We can't thank you enough and can't wait to see what you come up with next year.

TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-1.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-19.png TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-Cast-2.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-10.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-8.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-9.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-11.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-12.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-13.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-14.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-15.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-16.png
TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-Cast-3.png TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-Cast-4.png TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-Cast-5.png TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-Cast-6.png TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-Cast-7.png Elementary-Musical-TIS-Cast-17-1682408817.png TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-1-1682408827.png TIS-Elementary-Musical.png TIS-Elementarty-Muscial-Oliver-JR-1-1682409134.png

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