April 20 Covid-19 Update: Class Resumption

Apr 20, 2020

Dear Parents:

We are very happy to announce that our school will officially resume at the beginning of May. The government announced last night that conditions in Macau are safe for students to start returning to classes. It is mandating a staggered start, beginning with high school students. Different from a previous announcement, at this time younger grades will not be able to come on campus when high school students start back. We are very hopeful there will not be a delay in having the younger students return to school in May. Here is the schedule put forward by the government:

Resumption of Classes Schedule

May 4th - Sr. High School students (Grades 10, 11 and 12)

May 11th - Jr. High School students (Grades 7, 8 and 9)

Primary, Infant and Special Education - To be announced according to the epidemic situation.

*All inclusive students will return to classes according to the grade they are enrolled in.

**Online teaching will continue until the official class resumption date for that grade level. After regular classes resume, online teaching will no longer be available.

Programming Guidelines for When Classes Resume

Students will follow the regular school timetable; some modifications will be made for Kindergarten.

One hour of support time with teachers after school will be offered in order to catch up, receive additional academic assistance, and/or enhance their learning;

No ECA’s, tutoring or other extra-curricular activities will be offered for the remainder of the year;

Tutoring for inclusive students will continue.

Safety and Health Management

One of the first and most important safety measures is for all parents and students to return to Macau at least 14 days before they are scheduled to return to school, so they can self-monitor and ensure they are not showing symptoms of the Coronavirus. As a school, we rely on everyone to be considerate, compassionate and diligent for the benefit of the entire community.

We are closely following the guidelines and advice from the MSAR government. The safety measures we have in place when classes resume will be posted on the School website by the end of this week.

Although we are all excited about the resumption of classes, please know that it will be a transition that will present some challenges. The health and safety of our students, staff, parents and visitors is our top priority. Please act with compassion, consideration and kindness towards each other, and remember, we are all in this together.

On behalf of our entire staff, we look forward to all classes starting in May and welcoming back our students and families.


Mark Lockwood


Head of School









* 融合教育學生復課時,仍然就讀原本年級,沒有改變。

** 各個年級的線上學習將持續至復課為止。當該年級正式復課後,線上學習將即時停止。













Mark Lockwood


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